Dr. Lalh participated on the Cosmetic Committee of the ADA&C to help develop the standards for practice and guide for core competency for Facial Esthetic Therapies and Adjunctive Procedure.

Subsequently he then ventured into developing a university-based education curriculum for facial esthetics that is based on a multidisciplinary team approach for all health professionals such as physicians, nurses, and dentists.   He and his team have launched courses in Neuromodulators and Facial Fillers over the last several years that are all approved and accredited and teach in Alberta, British Columbia and Las Vegas and attract participants from all over North and South America.

These courses are conducted through the continuing education department at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Lalh is pleased to confirm, that he will be teaching the following Nitrous Oxide and Neuromodulators and Facial Fillers courses in 2023:

Level 1 Neuromodulator – Level 2/3 Neuromodulator – Level 4 Fillers – Nitrous Oxide/Oral Sedation

To register and find more details please follow the link below:

Continuing Dental Education