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BELOTERO® offers you a versatile range of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers for smoothing and lifting wrinkles and lines, restoring facial volume and rehydrating the skin. The BELOTERO range of fillers are indicated to increase the volume of skin tissue for the correction of facial depressions or remodeling the contours of the face. Treatment typically takes about 30 minutes, and you will most likely be able to continue your daily activities as soon as your appointment is over.

BELOTERO dermal fillers offer excellent skin integration combined with different levels of lifting and volumizing capacity to achieve natural and individualized results.

The BELOTERO products are based on HA, a natural component of the skin. They are therefore less likely to cause an allergic reaction. To enhance your comfort, with the exception of BELOTERO® Hydro, all BELOTERO® filler products are available with Lidocaine anesthetic*.

After the initial treatment, follow-up sessions are normally recommended. During your follow-up visit, your doctor may decide to inject more product in order to improve the appearance of the initial treatment.

All BELOTERO products are manufactured using an advanced, patented technology that result in products that combine optimal skin integration with a range of lifting and filling capacities to suit your individual needs.

Products of the BELOTERO® range:


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*Be sure to inform your healthcare provider of any allergies, especially to lidocaine BEFORE your treatment.