Manufactured by Galderma

The RESTYLANE line of fillers: tailored treatment with natural – looking results.

RESTYLANE is a full product line of soft and firm injectable gels made of Hyaluronic acid based on Optimal Balance Technology. Optimal Balance Technology creates different gel textures allowing for smooth integration of the gel into the tissue.

Where RESTYLANE can help: periorbital lines (lines around eyes), forehead lines, vertical lip lines and smile lines. Healthy, natural and youthful-looking appearance can be restored by filling lines and wrinkles and adding volume in desired areas.

Fillers last approximately 6-12 months and on a repeated treatment plan, results may last up to 3 years*.

RESTYLANE has been proven safe and reliable product with over 20 years of use. Trusted in Europe since 2011.

*Repeated treatment plan only based on RESTYLANE non-lidocaine.