BOTOX Cosmetic®

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Botox cosmetic product imgeFor 14 years, millions of people just like you have experienced the proven results of BOTOX COSMETIC®.

How exactly does BOTOX COSMETIC® work.
BOTOX COSMETIC® is a purified protein injected into the muscles that cause wrinkles. It relaxes the muscles, giving your face a more refreshed appearance.

BOTOX COSMETIC® reverses the first signs of aging.
A survey found that women are most bothered by signs of aging around the eye – including crow’s feet (wrinkles around the outer eye). BOTOX COSMETIC® is a product that can soften frown lines (vertical lines between the eyebrows), crow’s feet and the horizontal lines that run across the forehead.

Express yourself naturally with BOTOX COSMETIC®.
BOTOX COSMETIC® enhances your unique look without sacrificing the natural expressions in your face. You’ll start to see results within 24 hours of treatment. And you can achieve a refreshed appearance that can last up to four months.

Diagram of Botox treatment